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French Pane Window Cleaning Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

An Old but Familiar Style

French windows, also commonly referred to as French doors, have been around since the Renaissance. Since the panes go from ceiling to floor, they provide a significant amount of natural light. There are several types of French windows to choose from.

The one-lite variety is the simplest type of French window. These are made up of two separate window doors that open outward from the center. Each door is made up of a single sheet of glass to let in the most light. While many one-lite French windows are clear, some are frosted, tinted or stained with designs.

Divided Lite

Divided lite windows are similar to one-lite windows in that they consist of two hinged doors that open outward from the center. The difference is that they are not made up of single panes. Divided lite windows are crisscrossed with as many as 15 panes.


What makes the bifold design different from the other two main types of French windows is not the number of panes but how the windows open and close. Instead of two doors that open outward from the side, bifold windows open side to side, folding up like an accordion.

Regardless of the type of French panes you have, we possess the skills necessary to keep them in top condition. Give AcuClean a call at 817-919-3792 if you need help maintaining your French panes!

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