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Light Bulb Replacement Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Lights Out!

Changing a light bulb is something everyone will have done in his or her lifetime. It’s a simple, 30-second procedure. That being said, there are still safety issues to keep in mind.

Many, many people will often “hot swap” their light bulb. Hot swapping is removing or replacing a bulb with the electricity on. Light bulb sockets are designed to transfer energy to the bulb – and if your circuit is still hot when you remove that bulb, you’re risking electric shock.

Cutting the Power

Find the light switch that controls power to the bulb you are replacing. Turn it off and wait for the bulb to cool down before removing and replacing the bulb.

If available, find some gloves to wear during the process. Pay close attention to the grip you have on the bulb. Curl your fingers around the bulb, allowing only your fingertips to touch the glass. Using even pressure with all four of your fingers and thumb, press only enough to get a no-slip grip on the glass as you unscrew the bulb from its socket. Don’t push your hand all the way around the bulb, exposing your palm to the glass. The less contact you have with the bulb in its socket, the better.

Lights On!

Now that the bulb has been replaced, you’re almost finished. But before you discard the old piece of glass in the trash, use the packaging from the new bulb. This extra padding will help to prevent cracking and breaking of the old bulb.

Extra Help

Even though replacing a light bulb seems like a simple procedure, many times there are simply too many too change, or the bulbs are located in difficult to reach places.

Do you have some tougher light bulb problems or jobs? AcuClean can easily handle the job. Call us now at 817-919-3792 and let us know how we can help!

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